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This exciting new approach to technology-based entrepreneurship will be of interest not only to students, researchers and scholars of entrepreneurship but also to policy makers, small business practitioners and owner managers.


In this way it is hoped that this textbook will provide a greater understanding of technology-based entrepreneurship in the emerging knowledge economy. Indeed, the effective use of technological innovation is considered to be a prerequisite for business survival Packham, ; Packham et al, It has long been recognised that technology-based entrepreneurship is important for economic growth and it has been noted that there is a need for an international focus on businesses having access to international markets OECD, Within this context it has been acknowledged that business development programmes and assistance should enable firms to take advantage of innovative global technologies OECD, Although significant opportunities are presented to businesses through the adoption of new technologies there needs to be awareness to the barriers of implementation and this has led researchers to focus on adoption factors Parasuraman, TBFs with an above average absorptive capacity tend to exhibit experience, knowledge, a skills base, knowledge creation and sharing processes Cohen and Levinthal, ; Zahra and George, ; Gray, Their effective use of networking and an optimal use of technological innovation are the focus of this book.

Here an approach appropriate to TBFs is taken by considering technology transfer policy, the diffusion of innovation into TBFs, technology clusters, university technology small firms, university business collaborations and partnerships, and the growth of a technology concept.

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Given this exciting new approach to technology-based entrepreneurship it is a pleasure to commend this text not only to students, researchers and scholars of entrepreneurship but also to policy makers, small business practitioners and owner managers. Search Search.

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Technology Entrepreneurship: Overview, Definition, and Distinctive Aspects

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Fast forward years to early 21 st century and it all seems to be about technology where the most popular names are all tech entrepreneurs — Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Jack Ma, and so on. As a matter of fact, in past few years, many governments have launched initiatives to support entrepreneurship in their respective countries. Here are 5 technologies that are currently piloting the growth of entrepreneurship and creating new industries altogether along the way.

What used to be science fiction a few decades ago, even a few years ago, has now turned into reality with the internet of things IoT. Smart refrigerators that know whenever you are running out of milk and order the usual quantity from nearby store; smart grills that let you know when your food is cooked the right amount; smart homes that turn on lights, AC, TV with your favorite channel just before you return from office; and so on.

There are thousands of ways in which the IoTs have made our lives easier, and there are thousands of more ways in which they still could.


The sheer amount of opportunities this technology offers is also reflected in the fact that IoT startups funding is on constant rise. VR headsets are already commonplace at least on the internet.

Smart glasses are also on their way out of the research labs. Today, there are various neurotechnology based wearable devices that help people reduce stress, improve memory, improve sleep, enhance cognitive abilities, control physical objects only IoTs though , and so on.